Rehalto and SCOR

Rehalto is a SCOR group company, the 5th largest reinsurer in the world, which has developed expertise in the handling of Life risks: mortality, disability, health, critical illness, long-term care, etc.

With Rehalto, SCOR is expanding the range of value-added services for its insurer clients, by providing them with:

  • Solutions for supporting and assisting those insured by insurance companies (training courses, managerial coaching, psychological support for employees and help with returning to health and to work);
  • Solutions to control claims occurrence through risk prevention within the company and the management of sick leave;
  • Risk management solutions:
    • Measuring and mapping of human risks
    • Risk prevention plan
    • Crisis management and post-traumatic intervention
  • Rehalto helps to further the knowledge and control of psychosocial risks:
    • Research and publications, notably through SCOR’s Global Risk Center