Return to health and to work

Because an employee on sick leave can find himself isolated and powerless, he may need support and assistance in order to return to a functional state and go back to work under the best possible conditions…
…we offer such employees, on a voluntary basis, a rehabilitation service centred on the following types of support:

  • psychosocial;
  • physical;
  • professional.

We facilitate the return to work through concerted action between the employee and his professional environment.


« I have been seeing my psychologist for several months now. I've learned a huge amount with her, she has rekindled my will to fight, both physically and morally. The work I have done has enabled me to understand that I am capable of doing something else. In the beginning I wasn't at all sure that I would be capable of completing a training course in reception and communications, which I had wanted to do from the start since given my handicap I could not continue to be a hospital worker. Given that I could no longer continue along this path, I had two choices: either I got myself made redundant or the hospital could offer me another position, which is what actually happened. My employer offered me a receptionist job for four days a week. Since then I have had to learn everything with the help of my colleagues and with no training in office work. Thankfully the psychologist was there for me and helped me a lot throughout my trial period, in all areas....I would really like to thank the psychologist for her help and support, which helped me enormously to progress. »