Our references

All of the following have chosen to work with Réhalto:

  • A large number of Provident institutions, bancassurers and brokers
  • Companies from the Banking sector
  • Companies from the Health sector
  • Companies from the Transport sector
  • Companies from the Industrial sector
  • Companies from the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector

Some examples of our work:

  • Organisational health diagnosis in the Financial and Industry sectors
  • Assistance and support for managers during the restructuring of a network
  • Training plans for health personnel
  • Assistance for claims managers in the context of psychological support provided to victims and beneficiaries following a road accident, burglary or fire
  • Management of sick leave: burn-out, the end of illness, professional development, career path management
  • Long-term care: psychological support for carers (through support contracts for company employees)
  • Post-traumatic interventions: bank and casino robberies, security company and toll station hold ups
  • Assistance and support for returning expats